English - obrázek

English - obrázek

Černěves is a small village in the Ústí nad Labem Region - northern part of the Czech Republic, about 3 km from Roudnice nad Labem. It has around 210 inhabitants.

The Černěves Sports Association executes and supports both local cultural and sport activities.

All members work as volunteers in the village. Another part of the organisation is „Club Of Mothers“ that supports activities dedicated to children to support and promote social life in the village. 


20.04.2008 14:00:23
Nalezenci.cz - naděje pro všechny miláčky
Stránky obecního úřadu obce Černěves.

Teď je čas darovat krev
TJ Černěves byla založena v roce 1993.
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